We now live in the Content Experience Age

The way customers consume content and give their attention has changed for good. Consumers have new expectations: they spend most of their day engaging with different formats of content, on many different platforms. They have little patience and do not accept interruptions; they expect to be entertained and find solutions for their problems. But most importantly, they want to be in control.

Adapting to the shift and designing your marketing around the creation of a highly valuable content experience will result in a positive impact for your brand.

Our products and services have been designed to help you face these changes head on.

“In marketing, every time we interact with a piece of content, we are also living an experience: the satisfaction of learning something new, the comfort of being well informed of a decision”

Vitor Peçanha, co-founder of Rock Content.

What is a content experience?

A content experience is the combination of content and context.

Each piece of content is part of an overall unique experience that can be individually consumed and yet uniquely contributes to an inclusive experience greater than the sum of its parts.

A content experience takes into account how people consume and interact with your content; so the focus is not just the content on the page, it’s how you package, design, and connect content. It’s how you deliver and recommend content in more meaningful ways from first touch to the sale and beyond.

Quality and creativity helps content make a business impact

A content experience is the flow of relevant, rich, beautifully crafted content where quality and creativity are crucial elements of differentiation: exceptional creative design helps content make a business impact and gain effectiveness, exactly like it does with creative advertising. 

Premium quality and creativity are the way to stand out from the crowd.

Prospects and customers are on a journey

A content experience engages prospects across the full buyer journey over a sustained period of time.

Every piece of content helps readers move seamlessly across the full journey, from awareness to consideration and then decision; from first time visitors to informed prospects and finally to customers. Richness and the presence of the right resources at each stage of the journey will keep prospects move toward purchase.

“Prospects and customers don’t look to consume an individual piece of content, but rather are on a journey where they need ongoing resources to help move purposefully forward in their buying decision."

Chitra Iyer, editor-in-chief of MarTech Advisor

“I think we have moved from a world where individual pieces of content marketing could stand out, to a world where that is not going to be a differentiating factor”

Rand Fishkin, from a recent interview.

Episodic content will be a differentiating factor

A content experience tends to be episodic, and tell a story. No matter how great is each piece of content, no matter how beautifully crafted is its design, the comprehensive experience will require a continuous stream of content that flows seamlessly from one piece to another. 

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